Frequently Asked Questions

Reach your target group in French-speaking and/or German-speaking and/or Italian-speaking Switzerland in just three steps:
  • Choose design
  • Do settings
  • Check and validate
We wish you every success!
The booking tool is for anyone who wants to create text/image or banner campaigns quickly and easily at Goldbach. So it is for everyone. For larger and more complex campaigns, we advise you to contact our sales team:
The booking tool allows you to create the ad quickly and easily, and take over the entire booking process. You don't need a prepared topic. With a small budget too (min CHF 50.00), the booking tool allows you to book effective placements in our large advertising network (regular bookings have a minimum booking volume of CHF 5'000.00 for national campaigns).
You can set the start date yourself. We will process your reservation and validate it as soon as possible - at the latest within 24 hours (except weekends and official holidays).
You can choose the end date of your campaign. However, it must be between 3 days and three months after the beginning of the marketing year. If you do not provide an end date, your campaign will last one month (for a budget up to CHF 2000.-) or three months (for a budget over CHF 2000.-). You can stop or pause the campaign yourself at any time via the dashboard. A stopped campaign cannot be reactivated: it must be created again.
You choose the budget you want to spend on your campaign, but at least CHF 50.00 and no more than CHF 5'000.00. This budget is valid for the entire duration of the campaign and we will will never spend more than the defined amount.

For a campaign with native ads, the minimum price per click (CPC) is CHF 1.50, for banners the minimum price per 1'000 impressions (CPM) is CHF 20.
The unused budget is not debited.
With the booking tool, you have various targeting options:
  • Desktops, mobile devices or both: decide for yourself whether you want your ad to be displayed on desktops and mobile devices or only on desktops. We recommend the combined variant because, on our network, our users navigate mainly and more than the average via mobile devices.
  • Languages: choose if your ad is displayed in the German and/or French language region. We advise you to create a separate campaign for each language region.
  • Regions: if your ad should only be displayed in a certain region, you can select these regions on the map. Your ad will then only be displayed to users in your target region.
  • Age: You can limit the age to the following age groups or combine them as you like: 14-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+.
  • Gender: Limit your campaign to a female or male target audience.
  • Interests: Define which of a total of nine topics your customers should be interested in: Auto, Fashion and beauty, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, Online shopping, Economy and Real estate.
The booking tool has been created to be as simple as possible. If you are planning a more complicated campaign, our sales team is at your disposal at any time: Warning: a campaign reserved via the sales team no longer has the advantages of the campaign via the booking tool.
Payment is made by credit card at the start of the following month.
If you don't see your ad, it may be due to different reasons. Warning: your ad is displayed on different pages and not permanently - so you may not see your ad even if you view the pages more than once. To ensure that your campaign is displayed correctly, first check the dashboard- when the status of the activity is "online", your campaign is displayed according to your settings. The dashboard allows you to preview your ad, monitor your campaign and collect performance information with the reporting tool.
indicates the number of times your ad is shown and viewed on the websites of the chosen network
Number of times your advertisement will be or has been clicked
Cost per click (CPC)
The price you pay per click on your ad
Click-through rate (CTR)
Clicks on your ad in relation to the total impressions (clicks / impressions)
Target address
The target address is your landing page - it must be a valid link and absolutely correct: the user is referred to this page (e. g. The target address is not displayed in your ad, however.
Other terms are explained here: