Advertising Guidelines

When making your booking via the booking tool, please observe the following advertising guidelines:

  • Directives as to form - Text       (Only with native ads)
    The title and/or text of your advertisement must be formally correct. Please pay attention to spelling and style.

  • Directives as to form - Image    (Only with native ads)
    The image of your ad must be formally correct. Please pay attention to the resolution, dimensions and appearance (no blurred or distorted images, etc.). Logos and texts in the images are forbidden.

  • Directives as to form - Target URL
    The target URL of your ad must be formally correct (e.g., you can omit "http(s)://" or "www."). A simplified representation or user-friendly adaptation of the URL is possible and even desired. Please make sure that the link and page shown are working.

  • Not allowed content - Text and Image
    Warning: Advertisements with erotic, religious, violent, violent, offensive or gambling content are not accepted. This applies in particular to advertising media that violate legal provisions, administrative decisions or industry rules.

The agent reserves the right to refuse your advertisement in case of non-compliance with these guidelines. Further information can also be found in the General conditions of sale .

Version of 1. January 2020
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